SIS Shines at QAFCO Flower and Vegetable Show

SIS students proved their creativity and aesthetic sense at the 29th QAFCO Flower and Vegetable Show 2015 held on 27th and 28th March 2015 at Al Banush Club- Mesaieed.

The crowd of more than 20,000 who attended the show were awe-struck by the wonderful displays created by the students of SIS in their allotted space.

A team of three students comprising Fathima Fikra (Grade 7E), Fazul Ahmed (1C) and Fikri Ahmed (1F) won three prizes in Category J (Display with Title – 3rd Prize), Arrangement Depicting Sports and Adventure – 2ND Prize) and Artificial or Day Flower Arrangement -2nd Prize).

In category K1, Umma of Grade VIII B bagged the 2nd Prize for Bio Diversity and Us.  In category J10, SIS secured fourth position for School Display.

Principal- Dr. Subash Nair, Vice Principal- Mr.Shihabudeen Pulath, Vice Principal CBSE (i) Mr. Dudley O’Connor, congratulated  the team led by Mrs. Purna and the students for excellent teamwork.


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