Shantiniketan Indian School organised SIS STREAM EXPO 2023 on December14, 2023 in the school campus that showcased exhibits from the realm of Science, Technology, Literature, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and integrating with Qatari Culture & Islamic values. The event turned impressive with creativity, innovation and a vivid array of talents of students across all grades.
The Educational Exhibition was inaugurated by Mr.Saoud Saad M Al Kuwari (Vice Chairman). Mr. Rasheed Ahmed (President), Mr. K.C. Abdul Latheef (Managing Director), Mr. Anvar Hussain (Vice-President), Mr.Musheer Abdulla (Secretary), Mr. Rafeeq Rahim, (Principal), Dr. Salil Hassan (Vice Principal), Ms.Bushara (Convener) and Mr. Abdul Salam (Administrator) and other Section Heads graced the occasion.
Qataruna and Islamic &Arabic pavilions displayed models of heritage sites that paved windows into the rich traditions of Qatar and the Arab World.
The exhibition featured an extensive display of art works, paintings, sculptures and digital art. Students demonstrated their artistic flair, incorporating diverse themes. There were special corners for showcasing dance, instrumental music, and vocal music.
A short film produced by the Department of Hindi was also released on the day.
The Science, Mathematics & Technology section was a hub of innovation, with students presenting projects that ranged from simple experiments to complex technological innovations. Telescopes for planetary observations were yet another centre of attraction. Robotics demonstrations, coding projects, mathematical games and interactive science experiments captivated visitors.
Exhibition stalls of Business & Marketing, Health & Fitness and Career Guidance received wide applause of the visitors.
The literary corners highlighted the beauty of diversity of languages and literary prowess of the students. It included poetry, short stories, and essays demonstrating the students’ linguistic skills, imagination. The diverse range of topics reflected the depth of intellectual engagement within the school.
Cultural performance added a vibrant and dynamic element to the exhibition. Students presented dance routines, musical performances, and theatrical acts, showcasing the rich cultural diversity within the school. The performances were a testament to the school’s commitment to holistic development.
Staff members from Podar Pearl School and Noble International School were involved in the judgement panel of the exhibits.
The SIS Exhibition served as a source of inspiration for both students and the public fostering a spirit of creative learning, value inculcation and harmonious collaboration among the school and community.

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