SIS Student attempts for Most Aircraft Identified in Limca Book of Records

Eight Year old Ishan Shibu, a student of Shantiniketan Indian School, has attempted to set a record in the Limca Book of Records for most aircrafts identified by a child in one minute in an event conducted at Shantiniketan Indian School – Doha, Qatar.

The specially organized event was conducted on 10th November, 2021, during which Master Ishan Shibu of Grade 3 identified 38 aircrafts to set the record for Most Aircrafts Identified in one minute. The Judges for the event were Mrs. Dhani Rejeendran and Mrs. Najma O.M. The witnesses to approve the feat were Mr. Mujeeb Rahman and Mr. Alja John from Bhawan’s Public School, Doha, Qatar. The Timekeepers Mrs.​ ​Shafana Farwin​  and Mrs.​ ​Fathima Hanaan​  recorded the time.

He holds a series of records in India book of records, Asia Book of records and World Records India for maximum parts of Aircraft identified along with its functions and India Book of records and International Book of Records for maximum aircraft models and for maximum aircraft models identified by a child respectively.

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