SIS Student Council Members enthrall Teachers with an Entertainment Blitz

Student Council Members of Shantiniketan Indian School organized a full day entertainment blitz for teachers to celebrate the Teachers Day with sheer gusto and fervor.

Honouring Teachers for their tireless and selfless services, the senior secondary students took over the reins of teaching during the day and relieved the teachers from their daily chores. The scholars taught the students while entertainment enthusiast enthralled the teachers with a blitz of programs making an eventful day for teachers they would cherish for long.

Mr. K. C. Abdul Latheef, President- School Management Committee graced the occasion with his presence to greet the teachers and the students for their sheer hard work. Dr. Subhash Nair, Principal thanked the teachers for continuous efforts to make learning so meaningful and a joyable experience. He said that everyone is a teacher because they teach others in their trade and as a parent if one can teach their children the true values of life they would serve humanity.

The students organized a cultural fiesta of songs, dance, entertainment games followed by a football match between the staff and the students and a luncheon for staff and senior secondary students hosted by the school management.

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