SIS students bag medals in the CBSE Qatar Cluster Athletic Meet


30 athletes from SIS enthusiastically took part in the CBSE Qatar Cluster Inter-school Athletic Meet held at MES Indian School and displayed their immense sportive skill and potential, bringing home 21 medals including six Gold, seven Silver and eight Bronze medals.

Amal Fathima (high jump under 19 girls’ category) Adhila Jaleel (high jump under 16 girls’ category) and Anas Hashim (high jump under 16 boys’ category) stood first. Farzan Rias emerged winner in 400 metres race and long jump under 14 boys’ category while Mohammed Shain won first place in the discus throw under 19 boys’ category. All the winners are qualified for the national level championship which will be held at Varanasi in Uttarparadesh.

The participants and the PE Teachers were appreciated for their commendable achievement. The team was trained rigorously by the teachers in the physical education Department, Mr. Tanveer (HOD), Mrs.Liji Tono, Mr.Ram Kishore Sharma and Mr. Afsal.

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