SIS Students Bid Adieu to Batch 2022

Grade 11 students of Shantiniketan Indian School organized an emotional and heart-warming farewell programme titled “AU-REVOIR – 2021-2022” for the students of Garde 12 in adherence to the Ministry decided COVID Protocols

The programme was graced by the presence of the Managing Director – Mr. K. C. Abdul Latheef, President – Mr. Rasheed Ahmed, Director – Academics – Dr. Subhash B. Nair, Principal – Mrs. Pamela Ghosh Dasgupta, Vice Principal, Mr. Vice Principal – Mr. Dudley O’Connor, Administrator – Mr. Abdul Salam, Head Teachers, and all the Teachers.

Mrs. Pamela conducted the Pledge with the outgoing student and advised them to practice and use the values and skills imbibed in the school in their life outside school and in their professional world.  Dr. Subhash B. Nair, made the children realise their position in the Universe and advised the children not do anything in life that would upset their mother. Mr. Rasheed Ahmed, advised the children to proud of their institution and called the children as International student for the environment in which they learnt wherein they are brought up and developed a global culture amidst students from 26 nationalities.

Mr. K C. Abdul Latheef inspired the students to remain connected with school through the Alumni and contribute to the growth of the institution in the years to come. He also made the students feel importance to being socially acceptable in the world. Mr. Dudley O’ Connor, made the students the skills and values that they have imbibed at SIS and use them appropriately to deal with their aspirations, expectations, challenges and conflicts and use them to share with their world and help others to imbibe them.

The Valedictorians – Shourya Pratap Bisht, Aditya K.S, Noel Jacob, Lamiya Ibrahim and Sadiya Anwar recalled their experiences at SIS and expressed their gratitude towards each and every teacher who guided them to develop them into confident individuals equipped and prepared to take on the future challenges waiting ahead of them. Assistant Head Girl – Sneha Tom delivered a speech titled “Reminiscence” to bring back old memories. Assistant Head Boy – Jibreel Khan delivered the Appreciation Address. 

Mementoes were presented to the outgoing students. The program concluded with skits, dances and songs enjoyed the fun-filled hour they will cherish for long time to come.

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