SIS Students Impress at i-EARN Qatar Exhibition

SIS participated in the i-EARN Qatar program’s open day at the Palestinian School, showcasing student projects aimed at contributing to societal health and well-being. The event, part of ongoing cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Education Above All Foundation, and the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science, featured projects from schools across Qatar. Shantiniketan Indian School presented three innovative projects. The first, a working model titled “Sustainable Energy for the Future World – Flourishing Heaven,” focused on promoting sustainable energy and reducing the use of non-renewable resources. This project was created by Nikhil Jayanand, Sri Satya Sai Maheshwari, Eshaan Mishra, Anakha Aneesh, Hudha Ayisha, and Lakshmi Priya, all from Grade 9C. The second project, a research endeavor called “Plastic Revolution: The Rise of Bioplastic,” introduced bioplastics made from corn starch as an alternative to traditional plastics to combat climate change. This team included Ashika Maryam Mahaboob (Grade 9D), Akshaya Ramaswamy, and Diviya Dharshini (both from Grade 9B). The third project, a still model named “Healthcare for Newborn and Mother,” showcased the developmental stages of a fetus and highlighted the benefits of Ayurveda products for maternal and newborn health. This project was developed by Shahama Shereen and Aathifa Jahangir (both from Grade 9D), and Dakshith Damshra Peiris (Grade 9B). The students, guided by Ms. Aneesha Majeed, Ms. Nithya Abhish, and Ms. Soumya Mathew, received high praise from guests, teachers, and students from other schools. The exhibition provided an excellent platform for the students to demonstrate their talents, with many describing the experience as both amazing and joyous.

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