SIS Students Represent Qatar in CBSE National Taekwondo Competition

After their scintillating performance in the CBSE Taekwondo Qatar Cluster, SIS Students represented Qatar in the CBSE National Taekwondo Competition held in Sonepet, Haryana in India.

Mohammed Hani of Class XI and Nihal Ramesh of Class VIII trained hard under their school coach Mr. Ram Kishore Sharma and won huge praise from the organizers for putting up brave fights against their more worthy  opponents. Hani was defeated in the second round match after leading the first two rounds of the match. Nihal Ramesh reached the Quarter Finals and lost by a very narrow margin.

Principal, Dr. Subhash Nair, Vice-Principal-Admin – Mr. Shihabudeen Pulath, Vice Principal – CBSE (i) – Mr. Dudley O’Connor and the Head of Department Physical Education – Mr.Tanveer Mehdi, congratulated the players and showered their praise for their courage and determination.  They have placed high hopes for bettering the performance of the students in the coming years.

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