SIS Students Sparkle in CBSE Class XII Exams

Grade XII students of Shantiniketan Indian School achieved excellent results in the AISSCE exams March 2018, conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, India with a 100% pass. Mr. Abdul Latheef, President, School Management Committee, Dr. Subhash Nair, Principal, and staff ascribed the brilliant achievement to all the students and staff for their hard work and parents for their support.

High Achievers

Ashwin Suresh (94.6%) is the school topper in the Science stream. Amina Karim (94%) topped in the commerce stream. The other toppers in the science stream are Meera Antony (93.4%), Prabhat Shahi (93.2%), Wafa Abdul Salam (93%), Sumayya Mahjouba Bint Arshad A C (92.8%) and Vishva Jigneshkumar Darji (90.8%). The other toppers in the commerce stream are Abdur Rahman (93.6%), Maryam Shafique (92%) and Abdullah Aziz (90.4%)

The Subject Toppers

Engineering Graphics (100%) Sivashankar Manoj Nair; Psychology (98%) Lamya Shakker; Multimedia (97%) Abdur Rahman; Home Science (97%) Maryam Shafique; Physics (95%) Ashwin Suresh, Meera Antony , Wafa Abdul Salam, Sumayya Mahjouba Bint Arshad A C, Vishva Jigneshkumar Darji; Chemistry (95%) Ashwin Suresh, Vishva Jigneshkumar Darji Sumayya Mahjouba Bint Arshad A C; Mathematics (95%) Ashwin Suresh, Meera Antony, Prabhat Shahi; Business Studies (95%) Maryam Shafique, Ruben Varughese Rajy; English (95%) Meera Antony, Prabhat Shahi, Samson William, Urba Chowdhury Rebe, Aneesa Naisamudheen; Entrepreneurship (95%) Amina Karim; Economics (94%) Abdur Rahman; Accountancy (92%) Abdur Rahman; Biology (92%) Sumayya Mahjouba Bint Arshad A C; and Physical Education (83%) Rihan Hussaine Puthiya Purayil.

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