SIS Students’ Success in Qatar Charity Competitions

The students of Shantiniketan Indian School have showcased their exceptional talents and skills, garnering significant recognition in the recent Qatar Charity Competitions. The competition witnessed a diverse array of events ranging from group performances to individual showcases, wherein SIS students demonstrated their prowess across various disciplines.
Group Performances:
In the group song (Arabic) category, the team comprising Leen Fatem, Dua Mehreen, Ayra Maqbool, Sana Fathima, and Zia Afreen clinched the prestigious first prize. Their melodious rendition captivated the audience and garnered widespread acclaim. Additionally, the English group song ensemble, featuring Shanza Suhaib, Eshal Fathima, Samrah Sajath, Zeba Zerin Shafah, Ibitihal Irfan, Nasha Hasan Mambra, Jaza Zohal, Fathima Faiha, and Fahma Sherin, secured a commendable third position, further highlighting the students’ musical talents.
Individual Showcases:
Hawwa Zahara emerged victorious in the Storytelling competition, showcasing her captivating storytelling abilities and clinching the first position. In the Poem Recitation category, Nasha Hasan Mambra showcased her proficiency in Malayalam, securing the third position, while Zara Afreen mesmerized the audience with her Arabic poetry, securing the first position. Additionally, Omar Nihal’s captivating recitation earned him the second position in Arabic poetry.
Other Individual Achievements:
Svetlana Mary Shibu showcased her eloquence and command over the English language, clinching the first position in News Reading. Furthermore, Ameena Nahan’s performance in Malayalam Poem Recitation garnered special appreciation for her poetic flair and emotive delivery.
Visual Arts:
Svetlana Mary Shibu showcased her artistic talent by securing the first position in Watercolor Painting, demonstrating creativity and finesse in her artwork. Additionally, Ferin Faris showcased exemplary skills in Clay Modeling, securing the first position and highlighting SIS students’ prowess in the visual arts.
Special Mentions:
The Oppana team, comprising Ibitihal Irfan, Shanza, Samra, Eshal, Fathima Faiha, Fahma, Jaza, and Nasha, emerged victorious, clinching the first prize with their synchronized and captivating performance, earning special commendation for their dedication and teamwork.
Overall, SIS students’ remarkable achievements in the Qatar Charity Competitions underscore their exceptional talents, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Their success not only brings pride to the school but also serves as a testament to their unwavering passion and determination in showcasing their talents on a grand platform.

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