SIS Students Visit Turkey

Twenty five Students of SIS visited historical Turkey as part of its Annual Educational Tour Program-2018. The five day tour helped students get an insight of the cultural, social and political life of Turkey straddling eastern Europe and western Asia with cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

During the Tour students visited the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul and the historical city of Bursa. Students went atop the 2,500m-high Mount Uludağ near the Sea of Marmara and fired snow balls at each other. They also visited the iconic Hagia Sophia, with its soaring dome and Christian mosaics, the massive 17th century Blue Mosque and the circa-1460 Topkapı Palace, former home of sultans and the Cruise on the Bosphorus Strait. They took the opportunity to experience and savour the culinary delights and develop self reliance and camaraderie as they stayed together with a sense of self-discipline and understanding.

Principal – Dr. Subhash Nair and Senior Vice- Principal, Mr. Shihabudeen Pulath congratulated the great character and discipline observed during the tour.


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