SIS Symphony

SIS Symphony on April 25, 2024, at the MPH was a splendid showcase of musical talent and unity within the school community. The event kicked off with a solemn prayer by Ilan Mohammed – 8C setting a reverent tone for the evening’s festivities, followed by the National Anthems of Qatar and India performed by the School Choir Team, instilling a sense of patriotism and pride in the audience. Following this, a video trailer marking the 25th anniversary of SIS was unveiled by the President, Mr. Rasheed Ahmed, symbolizing a legacy of excellence in motion.
The evening unfolded with a mesmerizing display of musical prowess. Trilok Vipin – KG2 and Gokul Krishna – 7C enthralled the audience with a melodic medley on the keyboard, showcasing their skill and passion for music. Nashwa – 12A and her team then presented “Do Re Mi,” an Indo-western song with a Carnatic twist, blending cultures seamlessly.
Afreen Abdul Khader-7B mesmerized the audience with her harmonious performance on the violin, while Svetlana Mary Shibu -8A and Stefano Antony Shibu- 5A showcased a rhythmic fusion of drum and keyboard, captivating the listeners with their synchronicity and energy.
Ilhan Kadeeja – 8D and her team delivered a poignant choral recitation of “The Visitor,” evoking emotions and reflections among the audience. Snehpreet Kaur – 11A and Jai Deep Singh’s – 6B Tabla and Harmonium performance in “Taal Tarang” showcased the rich tapestry of Indian classical music.
Parvathi Peethambaran Nair’s -11A rendition of “Echoes of Six Strings” on the guitar was a highlight of the evening, showcasing her mastery of the instrument. Pratishtha Bisht – 11A and Gowri Nishanth – 11B charmed the audience with their Ukulele serenade, demonstrating harmony and coordination in their duet performance.
Giftson – 8C and his team brought an infectious energy to the stage with their “Harmonious Beats,” engaging the audience and spreading joy throughout the hall. Zeba – 5B and Freya’s – 5C fusion of Arabic and English versions of Memories was a testament to the diversity and inclusivity celebrated at SIS.
The event concluded with a soulful performance of “Piano Melosis” by Serah Ann Francis – 7A and Jesica – 12 B, leaving a lasting impression on all those present.
A pivotal moment of the evening was the unveiling of the symphony team’s name, SISBeatZ, symbolizing unity, rhythm, and harmony within the school community. Principal Mr. Rafeeq Rahim shared a heartfelt message, emphasizing the importance of music in fostering camaraderie and creativity among students.
SIS Symphony was a resounding success, uniting students, teachers, and parents in a celebration of musical talent and diversity. The event was a testimony to the school’s commitment to nurturing holistic development and fostering artistic expression among its community members.
Daniel Jacob – 8B extended gratitude to all performers, organizers, and attendees for making SIS Symphony a memorable and enriching experience. Anchoring by Bhagya Sreebinu – 8C and Arundhathi Lakshmi – 8C added a touch of professionalism and warmth to the event, ensuring smooth transitions and engaging the audience throughout the evening.

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