SIS Teachers Discuss Key Aspects of NEP 2020

Shantiniketan Indian School had an enlightening and fruitful discussion on some of the key aspects of the National Education Policy 2020. The virtual session was highly interactive with panelist and participants exchanging new actionable thoughts that could be considered as educational strategies of SIS.

Mr. Shakir Hussain moderated the discussion on “National Education Policy 2020” that would open up new challenges and responsibilities for teachers as well as students in the coming years.   

Mr. Sreejith discussed on the importance given to Early Childhood Education and Care, Mrs. Pooja Roy enlightened the attendees with the need and methods to strengthen Foundational Literacy and Numeracy; Mrs. Kavitha Sureshkumar shared the different methods and techniques used at SIS to ensure that Learning Should be Holistic, Integrated, Enjoyable, and Engaging; Mrs. Nithya Abhish talked about the importance of Equitable and Inclusive education and the ways in which it is practiced at SIS; Mrs. Fatima Rizna triggered a discussion on ways in which Indian Languages Art, Culture and Values can be integrated during normal classroom transactions.

Senior Vice Principal – Mr. Shihabudeen, congratulated the moderator, panelists and participant for the lively discussion that generated new ideas and thoughts. He expressed hope to transform these ideas into action and strengthen all the existing practices to ensure larger benefits to our children in becoming more responsible and productive global citizens.

The SIS Family congratulates Mrs. Nazia Saleem for meticulously coordinating the teachers discussion forum and its resounding success.

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