SIS Teachers Gear up For Second Session with Makeover 23

Faculties of Shantiniketan Indian School were enriched and enlightened through Makeover 23 – The Professional Development Programme titled “Care for The learners”. The two-day session featured presentations on panel discussions based on challenges that teachers face and practical strategies that could be implemented to promote joyful learning.

Vice Principal – Mr. Dudley O’Connor and his team enlightened the teachers with his session innovation presentation and discussion on Communicating to Motivate Children: Bring the Best out of Students by Simple Changes in Communication. Head Teacher (Secondary Section) – Mr. Syed Meraj Ali and team took up Integrating Qatar culture and Islamic Values in the Teaching Learning Process. Head Teacher – Secondary Section – Ms. Bushra P.K presented Creating a Stimulating yet Enjoyable Physical, Mental and Emotional Environment in the Classroom.  Head teacher (Middle Section) – Mr. Matthew and team shared their challenges and experience on Thinking skills – Encourage Students to Think through Effective Pedagogical Practices. Senior Head Teacher – Mrs. Mehjabeen with her team discussed Self – Development: Discovering One’s Potential as a Teacher and effectively influencing children in progressive learning.

Mrs. Bilkees Nisar (Senior Secondary Coordinator) and team shared the challenges to Active Learning – Methodologies to make Teaching more Interactive, Involving and Meaningful. Mrs. Juwairiya (Secondary Coordinator) and team stressed on Understanding Children: Developing Life Skills or Success Skills. Mrs. Nazia Saleem (Middle Section Coordinator) along and  team presented Effective Strategies towards Using Humour in Classroom. Ms. Nazia Tahseen  (Junior Section Coordinator) along with her team demonstrated teaching method Using Story Telling as a teaching tool. Mrs. Mehak Latheef (Junior Section Coordinator) and group discussed on Understanding Learning Styles and How Can We Maximize Learning through this Understanding.

Principal – Dr. Subhash concluded the two day workshop expressing happiness for the enthusiasm and spirit shown by the teachers and came up with the idea of developing SIS Curriculum that could be Rhizomatic, Adaptive, Accelerated, Futuristic, Integrated and Enriched through active cooperation suggestion and support of the SIS Teaching Team.

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