SIS Teachers Reap Rich from Makeover 24

The teachers of Shantiniketan Indian School reaped rich from the highly interactive and innovatively designed Professional development programme titled “Learning Culture and Environment.”

Vice Principal – Mr. Dudley O’Connor introduced the session with a quick interactive recap with teachers of the primary section.  He also led a session on Class Management & Teaching Process sharing the best SIS practices meticulously planned ensuring Active Learning in classroom. Senior Head Teacher – Mrs. Mehjabeen and her team discussed about Teachers Resourcefulness and Lesson planning to make classroom transactions more meaningful and effective. Head Teacher – Secondary Section – Ms. Bushra P.K discussed strategies to strengthen Student Discipline and Blended Learning. Head teacher (Middle Section) – Mr. Matthew and team discussed the challenges and importance of Correction/Feedback & Bulletin Board in developing Learning Culture and Environment in School. IT – Teacher, Mrs. Mukta Chaturvedi, announced the launch of “Reading Raptors”, a digital programme developed by a team of teachers, to help children improve their basic reading and comprehending skills in their leisure time

A rich flavor and taste of richness was added in the closing statement by Principal – Dr. Subhash B. Nair. He expressed extreme joy for active involvement of the teachers and for designing the structure of Makeover 24. He also expressed happiness for including the views of the students about the Learning Culture at SIS. He concluded the session by throwing a new Challenge to the teachers to find out from the students their views on “Classroom Climate in School” through a careful study based on students’ responses.

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