SIS Team of winners: Youth Forum Competitions



SIS team that won prizes for various competitions organized by the Youth Forum with Principal, Vice-Principals and teachers.


A total of 70 students of SIS actively participated in the 13th Interschool competition conducted by Youth Forum which was held at Ideal Indian School on 8th of November, 2013.

The winners of various categories are: Maisa Ismail(3A), Aswin Siby and Shourya Pratap(4B) in the Sub junior category; Fatima Javed(8B), Nuha M. Sharef(7C), Sumayya(8B), Fathima Sherin(8C) and Prathive Das(5E) in the Junior category; Sarah Salah(11B), Tahseen Sayed(11A), Marwa Salah(11A), Fathima Rahman(9A), Farsana A.A(11A), Hiba Rafi(10A), Aashmi Ameena(9A) and Irshadul Hassan(9C) in the Senior category and finally, Archana Ratnakaran(8A), Naveen Kelvin(10B) and Shaikh Mohammed Sameer(10C)in the open category.

The participation of the talented gems of SIS not only brought laurels to the students but also helped the school to stand as the 2nd runner up against 7 other Indian schools.


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