Social Service & Welfare Campaign at its Peak..!!

‘Charity does not decrease wealth…!’ With this virtuous message, the Students of KG & Primary Wing readily and generously contributed in this noble drive.

A collaborate and magnanimous effort was made to imbibe the value of empathy, kindness and benevolence. The most commendable part was to see our little ones beaming with joy and happiness while extending a helping hand to the most underprivileged, needy and deprived.

It was indeed a very rewarding experience which helped us to sow the seeds of gentleness and compassion in the hearts of our students.

Addressing the Students, Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan elucidated and enlightened the students the true spirit of ‘Charity’ & ‘Social Service’. She encouraged them to do righteous deeds, to give a good advice, to help and share and to greet with a smile. “Every act of goodness is charity”, she said.

Generous contributions in the form of clothes, toys, grocery items, monetary donations were distributed to helpers and cleaners, delivering the message – ‘We Care’. Besides, donations were sent to different Charity Centers by the Students representatives and Teachers.

SIS striving in the direction of human service, successfully accomplished the task of extending education experiences beyond classroom, informing students of the real world implication of studies.

Students and Teachers participated in this drive with a sense of fulfillment and did their bit for the society radiating pleasure…!!

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