Spell Bee

“Learning to spell helps to cement the connection between the letters and their sounds…”

The spell bee activity was conducted by KG and Primary wing of SIS on 17th February, 2016 .The aim of the activity was to encourage the little ones to spell systematically and correctly. They were encouraged to read extensively so that they naturally develop spelling skills and build their proficiency in English language. Spell bug was an exciting way of helping children to spell different words in a healthy and stimulating environment.

Teachers used smart and impactful ways to explain the basic rules and patterns that help the students spell correctly. Practice of words was made enjoyable and satisfactory through effective usage of technology. Thus the path of fluency was substantiated through the connection between blending letters and the sounds they represent.

Children were very keen to participate in this eventful activity. Spell the word, rearrange the jumbled words, fill in the missing letter, and find the word based on the clue given were some of the focused activities.  All the students displayed great zeal and enthusiasm and tried their best to spell all the words correctly and quickly with a competitive spirit. The students played various word building games, cross word puzzles, spelling bee games etc. using iPad.

It was a rich educational experience for the children and allowed them to compete in a supportive environment. The valuable learning outcome was that it helped children gain competency over vocabulary and improve their reading and writing skills. This endeavor enhanced their memory and boosted their confidence level.

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