Sport for Life- National Sport Day 2014

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The staff and the students of Shantiniketan Indian School actively took part in the National Sports Day Celebration organized by the Supreme Education Council and the School Olympic Committee at Al Corniche on Tuesday morning.

A team of more than 350 students and 200 staff was found engaged vigourously in the fun and frolic pageant conducted at the ‘Sports Village’ near the venue at Auri. In a sports quiz there, Nada Mohammed, Israt Jahan, Naureen, Syed Tameem, Tabarak Saleem, Joel Jose, Bilal Mansoor, Sumayya, Ibrahim Mustafa proved their sport knowledge and secured fabulous prizes and gifts.

The boys’ football and basketball team participated in the competition organized by the SEC at Al Wakra Secondary School for boys while girls’ basketball team tookpart in the event at Raba Al Adaviya Secondary School for girls.

In connection with the same event, the Department of Physical Education organized a football and basketball match for the students and staff at the school ground to generate awareness on sports among the students.

Earlier, the participants showcased their sheer sportsman spirit by undergoing a walkathon at the venue which attracted the community and sporting individuals at a grand scale.

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