Story Building

‘Story telling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today….!!J

Young story tellers were all set to restore order with imagination and to instill hope through a string of self-created and interesting stories.

Picture cards, story starters, clues and prompts helped our little ones to express their inventive ideas in the best possible way.

The students were very eager and enthusiastic to create their own fairy tales, using all the criteria they have recognized over the months of reading. This story building endeavour ensured that the students understand and comprehend what they read. Thus, helping them to develop linguistic and cognitive skills thereby fostering artistic expressions while stimulating their imagination.

Such purposely planned creative expressions definitely form a strong foundation to help our students to articulate, formulate and build stories in a fascinating and riveting manner.

Story building activity benefited the budding buds to explore their literary talents boosting their confidence level and conviction.

This meaningful educational activity was both entertaining as well as challenging for the children. The little ones were engrossed as they set their imagination to work and participated enthusiastically to create their own stories.

Undoubtedly,………. the intriguing journey to tell our own stories……to convey a moral message will continue…….. for students and teachers……!!!

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