Story Walk

Building literacy skills through Story Walk…

The little ones of SIS enjoyed story telling activities in a welcoming, imaginative, child-centered learning environment that nurtured their creativity and curiosity. The Story Walk activity helped the children to joyfully get engaged engaging discovery experiences that instilled an appreciation of the world around them, develop their foundational literacy skills, and sparked a lifelong love for reading and literature.

Children enthusiastically participated in the real life settings by positively interacting with books and their favorite stories like Jack and the Bean Stock, Little Red Riding Hood, Hunter and the Pigeon, Ant and the Dove, Blue Jackal, Ant and the Chrysalis, Gingerbread Man, Two Cats and the Monkey.

Character costumes like Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, Elsa from Frozen, Batman, Spiderman and Superman truly made our young ones the star of their class.

Teachers organised a Book Character Parade around the campus to showcase their costumes that created an aura of joy and happiness in them!

The activity served as Building Blocks for language by connecting oral language and vocabulary with reading and comprehension.

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