Prospective Career opportunities

SIS recently hosted an engaging interactive session for Grade XI and XII students, featuring Ms. Yamini Peethambaran, a distinguished figure from Zephyr Future Academy. With an impressive academic background including an MSc in Marine Biology and MA degrees in English, Geography, Philosophy, Psychology, and Vedas, Ms. Peethambaran has a notable history in coaching, having contributed to prestigious institutions like the IAS Academy and PC Thomas Classes Kottayam.
Introduced by Mrs. Asha Jackson, the Academic Coordinator of EduPlus Doha, Ms. Peethambaran captivated students with insights on the significance of strategic planning, resilience, and a growth mindset in achieving success. Emphasizing that success is a result of meticulous steps, learning from failures, and maintaining focus on goals, she highlighted the array of advanced studies and career opportunities available.
The session, aimed at informing and guiding students in their higher education decisions, also showcased the services offered by Zephyr Academy both offline and online. A lively question and answer segment allowed students to seek further clarification and advice from the esteemed speaker.
Overall, the orientation session proved to be a resounding success, providing valuable enlightenment for students as they navigate their academic journeys and contemplate future career paths.

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