Talent Fest 2020

A week-long Talent Fest was organised by the Pre-Primary Section of Shantiniketan Indian School. Children demonstrated their innate talents with love and passion remotely using the Google Classroom Platform.
The tiny tots performed excellently well in a series of events that included Quran Memorization, Action Song, Show and Tell, Free hand drawing, Colouring, Storytelling and Super dancers.
It was incredibly amazing to witness the soothing and melodious recitation of the holy verses Qur’an with Tarteel and Tajweed by our little children. The Action songs captivated the audience and their creative impressions were awe-inspiring.

The little commentators held the audience spellbound as they spoke with eloquently on topics like Save Water, Traffic Light, My Favourite Fruit, Life cycle of butterfly etc.
The startling story tellers made effective use of facial expressions, gestures and voice modulation to narrate captivating stories like The Miller his son and the donkey, The little red hen, The Hunter who called wolf, The Blue Jackal etc.
The ‘Super Dancers’ little moves fascinated and mesmerised the audience and kept them glued to the screens.
The Finale was organized online on 17th of October 2020 through Zoom Platform and streamed Live on the YouTube channel that enthralled thousands a large audience across the platforms.

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