Talent Fiesta

‘Talent is like a flower which you need to tend if you want to get something beautiful at the end.’

Shantiniketan Indian School organized “Virtual Talent Fest” to inspire and encourage kids from the Kindergarten section to exhibit their intrinsic worth through a series of colourful programmes. 

Children dressed in colourful dresses zealously participated in a series of events like Quran memorization, Speech, Poem, Story Telling, Singing and Dance. It was truly heartening to see the budding artist perform with immense passion and confidence.

The whole atmosphere was pulsating with the exuberance exhibited by the amazing stars of the new generation. This carefully planned endeavour was indeed a great way to showcase the hidden potentials of our tiny tots. The programmed was targeted to develop the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being of children.

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