Talent Search

The Pre-Primary section of Shantiniketan Indian School organized Talent Search from 13th October to 17th October 2019. To give wings to children to pursue their interests and nurture their intrinsic talents, a week long quest for Talent included Quran Memorization, Action song, Colouring, Show and tell, Free hand drawing, Storytelling, Speech with a flair and Super Dancers.

The young ones recited Surahs’ with confidence and perfection displaying their exceptional memorization skills. Action Song attracted large number of participants who enthralled the audience as they sang songs with rhythm and action. The blooming buds were highly imaginative and creative as they worked showed great imagination and creativity with crayons and colour pencils exhibiting their artistic skills with great pride.  The little ones held the audience spellbound as they spoke with ease and proficiency on various topics like My Mother, Save Water, FIFA World cup, Go Green, My School etc. The amazing story tellers made effective use of facial expressions, gestures and voice modulation to narrate engaging stories like The giving tree, The value of zero, Five friends etc.

The ‘Super Dancers’ set the stage came live with graceful dance moves decked in dazzling costumes using fascinating props.

It was an enriching experience for our young ones as we believe experiences leave long lasting impressions for the future. The young talented toddlers experienced great joy in exhibiting their innate talents.

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