“Tassel worth the Hassle’’ – class XII farewell

Students of Class XII were given an emotional farewell themed “Tassel worth the Hassle”, hosted by the Eleventh Standard students.   

The programme was graced by Mr. K.C. Abdul Latheef, President of the School Management Committee,  Dr. Subhash B. Nair, Principal, Mr. Shihabudheen Pulath, Senior Vice Principal, Mr.  Dudley O’ Connor, Vice Principal, Mr. Abdul Salam, Administrator, Head Teachers and Alumni Members.

Members of the School Management, Principal, Vice-Principals and teachers blessed the outgoing students with their words of wisdom. Namitha Mohan, Wajeeha Abdul Latheef, Abdul Rahman and Rasheed Abdulla, representing the Alumni, reflected on and shared ways to tackle the challenges ahead. Mr. KC Abdul Latheef in his presidential address reminded the outgoing students of their social responsibilities and the need to make the difference in the world as the school equipped them to be the role models and responsible global citizens. Meera Antony, Esrat Jahan, Sumayya Mahjouba, Md Yaqub Chowdhury, Maryam Shafique And Aashika Sureshan,  representing the class XII, expressed their  gratitude towards each and every teacher who carefully facilitated growth, and development of  their integrated personalities. All the outgoing class XII students took a pledge lead by the Principal, promising to pass on to the next generation, the legacy of values and virtues and to remember their learning from SIS of skills, competency and values forever to resort to goodness, to be a global citizen and to contribute towards the development of their country or of the country where they serve and towards world peace. The Head-Girl 2017-’18, Amina Karim presented a heartfelt poem that she has written for the occasion. All Class XII students were presented with mementos.

The students, staff and the school management congratulated the students of class XI for organising such an eventful and heart-warming farewell for the outgoing Class XII students.

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