Teachers’ Discussion Forum

Shantiniketan Indian School conducted the Teachers’ Discussion Forum on January 7, 2024, intending to foster reflection, collaboration, and professional growth among the faculty.
Principal, Mr. Rafeeq Rahim, shared insightful reflections and set forth his expectations for the upcoming academic term, providing a vision for the collective efforts of the teaching staff, with his focus on curriculum, teaching & learning and assessment patterns.
A pivotal session on the role of SIS teachers was led by Mr. Syed Meraj Ali, shedding light on the responsibilities and duties that lie ahead for educators during QNSA visit.
A thought-provoking segment on self-reflection questions and rubrics from the QNSA document sparked meaningful discussions and introspection among the teachers, emphasizing the importance of continual self-assessment and growth. Subsequently, the forum delved into presentations by the respective Aspect Leaders, who eloquently shared their perspectives and insights on pertinent aspects of the discussion session, promoting efficiency and diversity in sharing best practices.
President of the School Management Committee (SMC), Mr. Rasheed Ahmed, then took the audience on a captivating Travelogue, offering a metaphorical journey through the landscape of life, education and its possibilities.

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