Teachers’ Discussion Forum – May 2023

Teachers of Shantiniketan Indian School organised a discussion forum on “Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies” on 13th May, 2023 in its school premises, to improve academic outcomes and address real problems to promote equitable learning.

The discussion was moderated by Mr. Dudley O’Connor (Vice Principal), who threw much light on the innovative techniques used in the classrooms and also discussed about the role of a teacher. Principal in charge- Dr. Salil Hassan, discussed the course designs and assessment of students’ learning. Mrs. Nazia Saleem- (Head Teacher Middle Section) shared some view points on active teaching methodology. Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan (Senior Head Teacher) discussed about some effective classroom management skills. Ms. Bushra PK (Head Teacher – Secondary) shed some light on Active Learning Classrooms incorporating team- based learning. Mr. Syed Meraj Ali – (Head Teacher – Senior Secondary) explained Diversity, Inclusion and Competency based learning.

Principal in charge– Dr. Salil Hassan expressed happiness for discussing on a very relevant topic in the current scenario and congratulated all the staff members.

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