The Annual Talent Fiesta 2013-2014


The Annual Talent Fiesta 2013-2014, held at Shantiniketan Indian School, K.G. and Primary Wing was inaugurated by the honorable Principal, Dr. Subhash Nair. Present for the occasion were Mrs.Manju Singh (Vice Principal, Academic), Mr. Shihabuddin (Vice Principal) and Mrs. Mehjabeen (Headmistress- K.G. and Primary Wing). Every child is born with a talent in abundance. The best way to tap their talent is through various co-curricular activities. Talent Fiesta is an endeavor to provide our students with the best possible environment and opportunities to explore themselves, utilize their overflowing energy and also to nurture the dormant seeds of their talent to bring out their best.

Qur’an Memorization – A Virtuous Deed!

29th September, 2013

Talent Fiesta commenced on Sunday, 29th September with the glorious recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran. The students from the classes K.G II to STD II participated in the Quran memorization competition with spiritual enthusiasm and zeal. Childhood is considered as a golden age for memorization. This event was a strong impetus to motivate the tiny tots to memorize Quran. The teachers suggested simple steps like understanding, sincerity and commitment that aid memorizing the Quran effectively. The teachers emphasized that the right intention can be developed by what the Quran itself teaches, such as all rewards and benefit is from God and we need not show off or impress others.

Action Song – Songs of Innocence!

30th September, 2013

Action song forms an integral part of our curriculum which allows self-expression besides encouraging a child’s own response in his/her use of body and speech. Students of classes Playschool to STD II had a joyous day enjoying a lively song session. Different nursery rhymes and songs were sung with actions and beautifully designed props. This competition was indeed a gratifying experience as it brought to light, our little children’s competence in verbal skills besides leaving them more self-assured and confident.

Speech with a Flair: Stunning Talents!

1st October, 2013

Children are trained to accept the challenges so that they feel the exhilaration of victory. “Speech with a Flair” was one such event where they are encouraged and helped to accomplish self-confidence and develop public speaking skills. It goes without saying that students involvement in individual activity infuse in them originality, self-confidence & self-reliance. The inspiring speeches left no stone unturned to achieve a realistic appraisal of their skills and to discover the power of spoken words.

Fancy Dress: A colourful Display!  

2nd October, 2013

Exuding respect and pride for the father of the nation “Mahatma Gandhi” the students of SIS celebrated Gandhi Jayanti in the school premises and showcased enthusiasm and vibrancy. Minha Muneer of Std II delivered an inspirational speech conveying the message of Truth and Non-Violence. Students of Playschool to STD II participated in a thematic fancy dress show. ‘The person who I admire the most’. It was a feast to the eyes as tiny tots dressed up as Gandhiji, and other national leaders, enchanting mimicry of various animals, professions, fairy tale characters etc. with colourful makeup and attractive props. Children were amazing on the stage, magnificent and never failed to enthrall the audience. The highlight of the show was little Rehana of K.G II who mesmerized the audience by her melodious songs ( Doraemon and Chanda hai tu……)

It was indeed wonderful to see around 200 participants in different attires. Parents did their best to make their child’s performance excellent. The Occasion was graced by the honorable Principal Dr. Subash Nair, Vice Principal (Admin) Mr.Shihabudeen, Headmistress Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan (K.G & Primary wing) C.C.A coordinator Mrs. Carol Fernandes.Large number of parents highly appreciated and lauded the inspiring efforts of our little ones. The best three performance in each category were selected and will be rewarded with certificate of appreciation.

Super Dancers: Manual Dexterity at its best…….!!!!!



3rd October, 2013

Tiny tots of K.G and Primary Wing found expression in vibrant body movements and graceful steps when they performed on the stage for the concluding event “Super Dancers”. Talented budding artists tapped their feet and swayed their bodies to the beats of different music. Little Aya Ramadan of Playschool swept the hearts of the audience by her splendid performance. Foot Taping numbers like Ek Do Teen , Tum hi ho.., Aja Nachle…glued the audience to their seats. It was a splendid performance by each & every participant. It was a great pleasure to see budding talents performing in style, with confidence & ease. The air was filled with joy, excitement and happiness. The whole school rocked! Honorable Principal Dr.Subash Nair, Vice Principals Mr.Shihabudeen, Mrs. Manju Singh and Headmistress Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan were the dignitaries present for the concluding session.

The various competitions ended on a jubilant note and these events were a welcome break from the classroom activities. A series of cultural activities kept the spirit of festivities on at the school. “Talent Fiesta” was indeed an education of a different kind and certainly more enjoyable and perhaps more effective than book learning……. It has been our endeavor to continue our activities to foster education for our budding talents who will live and lead our future world.

Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan


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