Day and Night craft

“Crafting magic of day and night” Our kindergarteners of Pre-Primary Section of SIS were engaged in a day and night activity. Exploring the concept of time, using contrasting colours and materials, they crafted scenes depicting daytime and night time. Sun and moon cut-outs, stars and creative use of blues and yellow brought their visions to […]

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My Home Craft

“Little hands…big imagination!!” The kindergarteners in the Pre-Primary Section at SIS joyfully crafted memories and beaming smiles through the “Home Sweet Home” activity. Little ones worked on variety of imaginative projects, from paper plates to colourful collages. Parental involvement enhanced the experience fostering a sense of collaboration and joy.

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Orange Day

“Where joy and enthusiasm radiate as bright as our citrus-inspired attire!!” The Pre-Primary Section’s little ones at our school marked Orange Day. Dressed in vibrant orange attire, the students dove into a variety of activities centered around the color. Engaging in creative crafts, they not only explored but also learned about the color orange. Their

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Bagless Day

“Life is happy every day!!” Our kindergarten successfully implemented a “Bagless day” encouraging children to leave their backpacks at home and experience day without carrying additional items. Children exhibited increased engagement in various classroom activities such as metabolic activities, science experiment, fork print and sense organ stations.The Bagless Day proved to be a valuable experience

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Field Trip to KidZania

“Learning Beyond Walls” An educational adventure awaited our little explorers as they embarked on a field trip to KidZania on 23rd October 2023. Here, they learned about various professions, financial literacy, and teamwork while having loads of fun in a kid-sized city. The kindergarten field trip was a delightful adventure filled with laughter, curiosity and

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Skittles Science Experiment

“From red to violet, a spectrum of smiles in every stroke” Students of Pre-Primary Section of SIS were floating up, up, and away with the rainbow color making activity on 16th October 2023.Our young scientists engaged in a colourful and tasty experiment, using Skittles candies to explore concepts of solubility, colour mixing, and more. The

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Follow Your Dream

“Dreams are the blueprints of the soul” The Pre-Primary Section at SIS organized the “Follow Your Dream” activity on the 9th of October 2023, providing children with the opportunity to express their aspirations and creativity. During this engaging event, the children dressed up as their role models, embodying the individuals they admire. The excitement was

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Purple Day

“Its purple purple everywhere” The Pre-Primary Section organized a lively “Purple Day” celebration on the 20th of September 2023. During this colorful event, our young learners adorned themselves in various shades of purple and delved into the enchanting world of this captivating color. The week commenced with the vibrant “Purple Day” celebration, where the children,

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Shapes Activity

“Kindergarten Shapes Adventure” The Kindergarten Shapes activity, spanning the entire month of September 2023 across the Pre-Primary Section, proved to be a dynamic and engaging initiative. It was meticulously crafted to introduce young learners to the fascinating realm of basic geometric shapes. This comprehensive activity featured hands-on exercises and visual aids, enriching the children’s motor

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Occupational Guidance

“Navigating the path to professional fulfillment and success” The children of the kindergarten at our school embarked on a delightful journey of imagination on the9th of September 2020. Dressed in costumes representing their choice and aspirations, these small creative minds brought their fantasies to life. This engaging activity served as a unique way to introduce

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Popcorn with Peter Rabbit

“Where giggles meet popcorn and imaginations take flight!!” Our tiny tots experienced delightful and engaging activity of watching a movie with popcorn on 1st November, 2023.This activity helped our little ones develop listening skills, enhancing vocabulary and promoting teamwork. The visual and auditory stimulati provided by the film contributed to the child`s cognitive and sensory

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Children’s Day

“Every giggle, every dream, a reminder of the magic they bring to our kindergarten world!!” The blooming buds of Pre-Primary Section at SIS celebrated “Childrens Day” on the 14th November, 2023. The celebration was a joyous affair filled with laughter and excitement. From colourful decorations to lively activities, every corner of the classroom radiated happiness

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Morning Walks

“Stepping in the day with each sunrise step” A routine activity conducted by the Pre-Primary Section of SIS to give our tiny ones a refreshing start by energizing both body and mind.Learning about the human body’s metabolism became hands-on as our children are engaged in metabolic activities, where they go for a simple jog, and

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Talent Fiesta

“Unleashing creativity and celebrating talents at the fiesta” A week long heartwarming activities was conducted from 4th October to the 10th October 2023by our budding talents of Pre-Primary Section of SIS celebrating the unique abilities of each child in an excellent way developing a sense of confidence and appreciation for creativity.A wide range of competitions

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