SIS – Class XI organized an emotional and heart warming farewell titled “Valediction” for the students of class XII.

The programme was graced by Principal, Dr. Subhas B. Nair, Senior Vice-Principal Mr. Shihabudeen Pulath, Vice Principal, Mr. Dudley O’Connor, Administrator, Mr. Abdul Salam, Head Teachers, Teachers and Alumni.

Principal Dr. Subhash B. Nair enlightened the students on the generation of human existence from the time of conception, to birth endorsing the values of love, care and sacrifice. Students were reminded of parental love and were motivated to imbibe infinite gratitude for their parents, the very source of life. He further reminded the children about their teachers from the kindergarten level. He advised the children to be exemplary models of values wherever they go bringing laurels to this unique institution. He led the pledge and wished the students success.

Senior Vice -Principal, Mr. Shihabudeen Pulath, advised the students to utilize the values and skills learnt in school and also to reflect upon the experiences shared by the alumni.

Vice Principal, Mr. Dudley O’Connor, reflected upon the mortal nature of human life and told the students to assess their own worth, to be themselves and not to let others influence their behavior.

The Valedictorians Tabarak, Smart Suresh, Hesham, Ayesha Rasheed representing their class expressed their gratitude towards each and every teacher who guided them in studies and nurtured with care to enhance their skills to help them keep abreast with the growing demands of the world.

Assistant Head Girl Riya, delivered a speech titled “Rise and Shine” to motivate their seniors in putting up their best efforts. Mementoes were presented to the outgoing students. The program culminated with fun filled hour that included dance, skit, medley songs and games by the students bringing in them smiles that they will cherish for long time to come.

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