Virtual Seminar by Juvenile Police Department

The Students and teachers of Shantiniketan Indian School attended the Virtual Seminar conducted by the Juvenile Police Department of the Ministry of Interior recently. The programme was aimed to introduce the students between the age group of 7 – 16 years the functions and services of the Juvenile Police Department rendered for the children.
Lt. Metab Ali Al Qahtani, Awareness officer, described the establishment of the Juvenile Police Department and its functions to the students while Capt. Shaheen Rashid Al Atheeq, Head of awareness addressed to the teachers. They maintained that the intention of the sessions was to make the students more conscious and aware of the services being offered by the department and the security agencies with which they are collaborating. Students were also urged to be cautious in selection of friends and adherence to the rules and regulations of the country for a happy and peaceful life.

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