Word Building Activity

Kids power up their word stock……!

Efficacy, competency and dynamism delineated as young minds play and build on words.

Students of KG & Primary Wing participated in the Word Building phase 1 Activity from 11th – 15th June, 2015 to build and step up their vocabulary skills.

With an objective to hone written and verbal expression and foster reading habits, students got engaged in a variety of activities appropriate for each grade level. Word building activities using letter cards, cubes, vocab cards, word chain, dictionary making and word search helped the children develop their word book. It enabled them to understand others’ ideas better and to have the satisfaction of getting their thoughts and ideas across more effectively besides it helped them to connect a new word with words they already know, and thus enhancing their retention capacity.

The young ones solved puzzles and played word building games using iPad and tabs in a healthy, competitive and stimulating learning environment.

The activities were not only fun, innovative and interesting but also kept the youngsters engaged in words. Playing with word building activities helped to lay a solid literary foundation for children who are kinesthetic and movement based learners.

This quest helped children to build vocabulary, improve spelling and synthesize words. It brought children closer to the magic of English and literature and strengthened their self-esteem.

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