World Environment Day celebrated at SIS

Shantiniketan Indian School organized various programmes to celebrate the World Environment Day with sheer gusto to evoke a sense of concern to Save Mother Earth.  Several Progarmmes were organized based on the theme “Only One Earth-towards cleaner, greener lifestyles.”

Quotes from the Quran and Hadith on the Significance of Greenery were recited in both Arabic and English. Principal – Mrs. Pamela Ghosh started the day with a wonderful message to the students saying that Environment is not just about trees, natural surrounding and air around us. She said that for students the environment is their school where they need to be happy and prosperous. So they have to create an environment of prosperity in school to live happily and enjoy learning in an atmosphere of peace and well-being. 

Mrs. Ninamol – English Teacher, presented the Thought of the Day during the special Assembly. Head Girl – Sneha Tom delivered a motivational speech to inspire the young learners and to develop a sense of sustainability by protecting the environment through small acts. Students sang a special song on Mother Earth.

The prefects watered the plants in a special gesture. Art and Craft activities were conducted in the Junior Section. Students of the Middle Section drew creative posters on the theme. Secondary section students used creativity to write beautiful poems and essays based on the theme of the day. A special Quiz competition was organized by Mrs. Suchitra Samjith for the senior secondary students. The Art department took the initiative to decorate the bulletin boards with creative artwork of students and teachers.

Students and Section Heads gifted President Mr. Rashid Ahmed and Principal – Mrs. Pamela Ghosh with lovely potted plants as token of respect and remembrance for the occasion which will leave a long-lasting impact on all the Stakeholders of SIS.

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