World Mental Health Week 2023-24

World Mental Health Week was observed at Shantiniketan Indian School from 4th October 2023 to 10th October 2023. During the week, different activities were organized for students and staff by the school counselling and guidance department, Mrs. Reshna and Dr. Sujata. These activities aimed to reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues and encouraged open conversations.

Mental Health Awareness Sessions: Students were introduced to the idea of mental wellbeing and its importance. Deep breathing relaxation exercise were taught to the students so that it can be used in managing stressful situations.

Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competition: To encourage creativity and self-expression, poster-making/slogan-writing competition for the middle section students and poster making competition for the secondary and senior secondary students were organized. Students were given the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents while promoting positive messages about mental health. The winning entries were displayed around the school to serve as reminders of the importance of mental health.

Gratitude Notes for Friends and Teachers: It is important to acknowledge that gratitude is a powerful tool for improving mental well-being. Students and teachers were encouraged to write gratitude notes to express appreciation for the positive aspects of their lives. These notes were collected and shared, spreading positivity and reminding students and members of the staff to focus on the good in their lives.

Gratitude Wall: To further promote gratitude, “Gratitude Wall” was created where students and staff members could post their gratitude notes. This visually appealing display served as a constant reminder of the things to be thankful for, fostering a positive and grateful atmosphere within the school.

Bulletin Board Decoration: Our students also enthusiastically took part in decorating bulletin boards around the school with mental health awareness themes. These boards featured informative posters and resources related to mental health. The goal was to educate everyone who walked by about the importance of mental health.

Drop Your Emotion Box: “Drop your emotion box” was created and kept in the school premises so that the students and staff members can drop a message/concern that they need to share with the school counsellors.

Mental Health Day Awareness Message: Mental health day awareness message was announced during the morning assembly.

Mental Health Awareness Green Ribbon: The Green ribbon representing the international symbol of mental health awareness was prepared by the students and distributed among the staff members to raise awareness and show solidarity regarding the importance of mental well-being.

Mental Health Awareness Poster: Mental health awareness poster was created by the counselling and guidance department and was circulated in the social media and among the students and staff.

Overall, through a variety of activities and events, we were able to promote awareness, reduce stigma, and encourage open conversations about mental health. The positive impact of these efforts will continue to resonate within our school community long after the week has ended. We are committed to fostering a supportive and mentally healthy environment for our students and staff throughout the year.

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