World Science Day For Peace & Development

As part of science day celebrations, Department of science and CCA organized an informative and interactive session on 10th November 2015 for the students of national and international stream of class IX and X.

The moment was blessed with the auspicious presence of the eminent scientist, Dr. Deepa Lekshmi, Post-doc researcher from Centre for advanced materials, Qatar University as the Chief Guest. The audience witnessed and enlightened by an interactive session on “The Advancement in Polymer Science & Nano-Technology and its Impact on Daily Life” which focused on the intricacies and technicalities of various advanced materials in daily today life. Her interactive skills with the audience made the session highly educative and informative.

The Chief Guest emphasized the significance of polymers and Nano-technology in day to day life citing examples from our daily commodities such as food, paints, plastics, clothes, mobile-batteries, touch screen, cooking utensils, glasses, etc.

Dr. Deepa Lekshmi followed a very student friendly approach while describing the various technical and scientific terms like Dielectric Materials, Shape memory materials, High performance sensors, Actuators, biodegradable polymers, Nano-materials etc that reflected the session to be more appealing and interesting.

The Prinicipal, Dr. Subhash B Nair expressed his sincere gratitude to the Chief Guest for her remarkable connectedness with the students and for the effective session.

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