World Teachers’ Day Celebration at SIS

The World Teacher’s Day Celebrations at Shantiniketan Indian School were an exceptional event that showcased the dedication and commitment of both the teachers and the school leadership towards providing a distinctively excellent education.
The program began with a soulful prayer that set a harmonious tone for the rest of the event. Mr. Rafeeq Rahim, the Principal, extended a hearty welcome to all attendees, expressing gratitude towards the guest of honour, Dr. Subhash B. Nair.
Mrs. Mukta mesmerised the guests with a beautiful song, adding to the enchanting atmosphere of the event. Another performance accompanied by captivating visuals was presented by Mrs. Rachana. Their performances left the audience captivated and added a touch of artistry to the event.
Mr. Aleem recited a heartfelt poem titled “Aap Ki Meethi Yaadein” (Your Sweet Memories), which paid tribute to Dr. Subhash Nair’s significant impact on the lives of the students and teachers alike. The poem was deeply touching and resonated with everyone present.
The highlight of the event was Dr. Subhash B. Nair’s speech, where he reflected upon the duality of a teacher who is both autonomous and part of a whole. He emphasised the transformative role teachers play in shaping the minds of young learners. Dr. Nair also presented the teachers with a special nano course on his TransformEd platform, showcasing his dedication to their professional development.
Mr. Rasheed Ahmed, the President of SIS, shared his impressions of the event and expressed his admiration for Dr. Nair’s relentless efforts in nurturing the school.
Dr. Salil Hasan, the Vice Principal of SIS, delivered a warm note of gratitude, acknowledging the presence of the guest and the teachers’ invaluable contributions to the education system.
To commemorate this joyous occasion, a photo session was held to capture the memorable moments of the World Teacher’s Day Celebrations. It provided an opportunity for teachers and the management to come together and preserve these cherished memories.
The event not only celebrated the teachers’ dedication and impact but also highlighted the school’s commitment to providing an excellent educational experience. It served as a reminder of the profound influence teachers have on shaping the future of their students.

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