Young Learners Celebrate Environmental Day at SIS

On 5th June 2024, SIS celebrated the Environmental Day with a series of engaging activities designed by the Department of Social Science to raise awareness about environmental conservation. Students from the foundational stage were dressed in green attire to symbolize their commitment to the environment, and participated enthusiastically, learning the importance of protecting our planet through interactive lessons and hands-on projects.
The event featured a variety of activities, including leaf printing, planting seeds, and crafting the best out of waste using dry leaves. Students also took part in cleaning their classrooms, a Water pollution demonstration activity, and a presentation on endangered animals. These activities allowed children to creatively engage with nature and understand the significance of recycling, conservation, reforestation and protecting wildlife. The leaf printing and crafting activities enabled students to explore their artistic talents while learning about environmental sustainability.
The highlight of the day was a collaborative mural where students depicted a vibrant, healthy planet, showcasing their vision for a greener future. The event concluded with a simple pledge from each student to take care of the environment, reinforcing the importance of a green planet and ensuring the young learners left inspired to make a positive impact.
Students from the Preparatory Stage have also undertaken various activities to celebrate Environmental Day, focusing on raising awareness about environmental issues and fostering a sense of responsibility towards our planet. Activities such as Poster Making Competition, Bulletin Board Decoration, Placard Making, and Thematic Dance were showcased by students. The various activities exposed students to a range of environmental issues, sparking interest and encouraging them to learn more.
Students of grade 7 conducted awareness sessions on various environmental issues using PowerPoint presentations and videos. Topics included climate change, pollution, conservation, and sustainable living. The sessions were interactive, with discussions and Q&A segments, successfully raising environmental awareness among the students. During the club activity period, the Quiz Club organized an environmental quiz competition. Students participated in multiple rounds, including MCQs, short answer questions, and a rapid-fire round.
First Place: Aman Anoop of 6A
Second Place: Mohammed Irfan of 7A
The events were successful in enhancing students; knowledge and interest in environmental issues. Raina of Grade 6 A delivered an inspiring speech on the importance of individual actions in protecting the environment and motivating her peers.
Students from the secondary section conducted a Green Energy Quiz in their classes and also took part in setting up the school garden by planting trees. Working together on these activities fostered a sense of community and collective responsibility towards protecting the environment.
Environmental Day celebrations provided a valuable platform to raise awareness about environmental issues. By engaging the students in creative and informative activities, the event successfully promoted a sense of environmental responsibility and a commitment to building a sustainable future.

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